Deeper sonars or intelligent echo-sounders are the good addition to the fishing gear. It works by scanning the whole water column and defining fish, measure the water temperature, depth, and explore the bottom contour. All information is helpful for your fishing experience. The smart imaging technology offers crystal clear pictures of fish and the bottom structure with great details right to the Smartphone.

With the weight about 100 grams and the diameter of 65 mm, Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ is really portable and much lighter and smaller than other typical products. The modern design fits in your tackle box so it’s convenient to carry it for traveling and use it in fishing trips like fishing from your boat, float tube fishing, the shore, bank or dock. Below is the basic information of the device and its main features to help you easily locate and catch the fish.

Basic information

It’s the best wireless and castable model of its series. It works by transferring a correct data to the tablet or Smartphone through the Wi-fi connection. The device includes an internal GPS receiver that is highly accurate and enables the device to produce the depth measurement maps when fishing onshore or off. It is the only device offering accurate features and fish locations that you just previously get from the control panel of the top fishing boats.

The deeper app

The tablet or Smartphone is only a half of the device. You need to download the deeper app to operate a free reproduction of features and to check how all three devices are running. When you link it with the deeper device, it creates a total unit of the underwater sonar technology, which you only previously get from the control panel of the fishing boats.

The app is suitable for most Android and iOs devices. It works in offline and online modes and offers functional features such as social media sharing, day/night screen color mode, camera, weather forecast, fishing notes, and solunar forecast calendar, offline maps, and other helpful qualities. You can update regularly with the latest or renewed features for constantly improving your fishing experience.

You don’t need a mobile data or Wi-fi internet connection at the fishing place. The deeper device includes an internal Wi-fi access feature that links to your tablet or Smartphone.

The internal GPS receiver

Identify your catch by offline mapping feature and internal GPS receiver. The device has a highly accurate GPS that enables it to scan the total water bottom and fishing spots by producing maps of the depth measurements even when fishing onshore. That helps you examine all underwater condition of the whole fishing spot to define the best chance for throwing out the fish bait.

The map of the depth measurements

The offline maps facilitate the overall navigation and underwater exploration. You can gather depth measurements into the map and access it at any time for the efficient development of the fishing location, which enables you to produce layers of complete information and improve your own significant and accurate maps. Moreover, you can navigate yourself and the crew out of wild and watery surroundings. All areas of the map are free to install when using the deeper app.

The color mode

Select the best proper display color mode dealing with the brightness and time of day. Reduce the noise and increase the target separation. Even when fishing onshore, you can also access performances of the correct echo sounders that you only can previously have on the control panel of the top fishing boats.

Other significant features

You will have all the information-packed qualities when buying the deeper device. Look at what you want by controlling the sensitivity of your device. Choose the lower sensitivity for the muddy water to remove the picture distractions and select the higher sensitivity for clear conditions of water even on the small underwater movements. Moreover, the top models are additionally attached with an onshore GPS system which enables your device to create maps of the depth measurements either when onshore or off.

The deeper device uses advanced technologies to help anglers gather and explore the contour data underwater while you’re standing on the boat, float tube, kayak, dock, bridge, shore, or bank. Thus, you will receive the whole knowledge of the water conditions that will increase your fishing skills and experience.