On wintery days, we can wear three or four layers of warm clothes to keep warm. However, we just use a pair of socks to keep our feet warm while this is the most important part of our body. Getting cold feet will increase the chance of getting flu as well as other dangerous complications. Therefore, you should prepare for yourself some useful tips for how to keep feet warm in work boots. Feet are important positions in your body, thus, you should not be so subjective, because your feet can get cold at any time.

Wearing a thicker pair of socks

This is the simplest way to make your feet warmer on wintery days. Instead of choosing socks, which are made from thin fiber, you can consider using woolen socks or wearing two pairs of socks at the same time. By doing this, you can keep your feet warm better.

Before putting on socks, you can use a dryer to make the socks warm. Especially, if your socks get wet because of water or sweat, do not hesitate to change another one immediately.

Make sure your work boots are warm enough

On days with low temperature, you should wear shoes or work boots that have high necks and made from thick and warm material. You can consider choosing a pair of waterproof work boots to prevent your shoes from getting wet by the drizzly weather of the winter as well as protecting yourself from getting cold. If your work boots, unfortunately, get wet, after coming back home, you had better use a dryer to make your shoes dry immediately, in case you want to use them later.

Soak your feet in ginger water

Soaking feet in the hot water is an effective way for who has just come back from the cold weather outside or who get sick to recover quickly. This method not only keeps your feet warm but also helps your body warmer immediately. You can add more hot water than normal, and then add some slices of gingers into the water basin and gradually put your feet into the basin of hot ginger water. This way can be applied in every evening, before you go to bed or after you go back home from the cold weather outside.

Foot massage

When your feet get cold, you should try to massage your feet by hands. The colder the weather is, the slower the blood vessels activity will be. Therefore, by massaging your feet, blood vessels activity will increase, thus, your fee will be warmer. You should take notice in massaging the sole of your feet carefully and remember to press your feet along the direction of veins from your toes to your heel.

Moderate physical activity

In the winter, it is a common trend that we tend to sit in a certain place for a long time without taking any activities. In that situation, the best solution is doing some moderate physical exercises. Whether you are sitting or lying, you had better have a good habit of stretching your legs gently. Do not forget to turn your feet in the clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, this simple movement also plays an important role in helping blood to transfer effectively to your feet. Just try and you will find it is a very beneficial method.