This article will give you some useful instructions to clean and preserve your work boots. If you have a pair of work boots, here are some common tips for how to clean leather steel toe boots (you can click here to know more about best steel toe boots):

Prevent Leather Steel Toe Boots from Getting Wet

In the rainy season, it is impossible to protect your boots from getting wet. The most simple temporary way is to use a dry and clean towel to sweep the water drops, then use a scissor to cut newspaper into small pieces and put them into your boots, remember to change papers 2 or 3 times in 1 or 2 days. You must not dry your work boots by sunlight because it makes your shoe tough, thus it becomes unfit for you, as well as causes damage to the leather material.

For whom has sweating sickness, wet boots are indispensable. In these situations, you can put a pack of lime powder into your shoes before going to bed. When you wake up, your work boots will be completely dry, thus, it is more comfortable for you to wear. Additionally, this way can protect you from rheumatism.

For work boots with fur or felt inside, due to the low ventilation, getting wet is inevitable. In this case, those methods below may be not effective. Using a dryer to dry your shoes in a few minutes is a good solution.

Ways to Store your Steel Toe Boots

You should not put your socks into your shoes because this can create an ideal environment for fungal infection.

In case, you do not use your work boots, you had better put them in a nylon package. This method is effectively suitable for regions, which have rainy, wet summer.

How to Preserve your Steel Toe Boots?

Firstly, use a wet towel to remove dirty dust from your shoes, then dry them and wait for a moment. Secondly, use a shoe brush to polish your work boots, then put them in a nylon package and try your best to remove the air from the package. Finally, use a rope to fasten the package’s mouth. This method can be used to protect your work boots from getting tough or moldy.


You should not let your shoes expose to petrol, oil, acid or base because these chemicals will make the leather material smeared and cause rotten at the point of contact.

The most effective way to preserve leather work boots is to prevent them from getting wet and polish them usually. Before storing shoes, you should cover them with a layer of lard or vegetable oil. This plays an important role in protecting the leather material from getting dry and creasing. On the other hand, you had better crumple pieces of paper into a paper ball and put it into your work boots to prevent them from deformation. Thanks to this, after a long period time of storing, your shoes are protected from toughness, thus, you can keep your work boots longer and more durable.

You must remember not to put your socks into your shoes. What you should do is to let your modern work boots as airy as possible. This plays a crucial role in preventing the forming of an ideal environment for viruses, which cause damage to your feet as well as your health.

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