The market of protective now offers a lot more options than the traditional one. A set of factors including budget, comfort, fashion, safety and movement are criteria of entrepreneurs when choosing protective clothing. So how do you understand the basic requirements of an adequate set of workwear? Here, we suggest some tips for you and let’s see how they can be of benefit.

Labour protective clothing is an important protection of workers in many industries. Some companies can use these types of protection as a means of advertisement by printing company’s logo on the clothing. Therefore, protection clothing is always paid careful attention.

Choosing labour protective clothing also has some points worth noticing. Besides the importance of quality, these clothing has to be comfortable and convenient for constant moving. To meet these requirements entrepreneurs need to clearly understand about the standards for personal protective equipment.

In addition to comfort and convenience, protective clothing has to be protective and hygienic and easy to use. For example, protective uniforms must be easy to wear as well as easy to take off without any interruption in the working process.


A standard set of protective clothing has to meet 5 criteria which are colour, modern design, fashionableness and suitable materials. Clothing has to be moderately fit, and make users feel comfortable in it and certainly can afford flexibility and easy movement. They have to be high in durability, sweat – absorbing, weather resistant and able to protect human’s skin from activities involving solar energy, radioactive, or high amount of dust. Entrepreneurs also prioritize designs of clothing that are able to protect sensitive parts of the body such as head, face, neck…and clothing must also have pockets and other extra parts (depend on each industry) to serve the purpose of the job.


Design and sizing are also other important things to consider when it comes to effective use. It is therefore very necessary that you consider carefully the design of the workwear. If the risk is moderate or high, workers are required to have a full-body set of clothing. However, where the risk is low, the set of clothing may be limited to particular body parts. Working in such environments may require careful protectors.

In addition, there are also many other types of protective equipment that also play an important part such as:

  • Reflected light shirt is essential to those who work in an environment without adequate light. It can guarantee safety for workers thanks to the mechanicals of reflecting light from paint on their shirts.
  • The safe belt is important equipment that helps enhance the safety of workers who have to work in high places. It helps maintain balance and provide safety for workers when they have to climb high. Therefore the quality is always the first criteria to consider. Besides, other requirements such as thickness, toughness also need to be met.
  • The protective mask is the main equipment that protects workers and engineers when working in toxic environment and also to avoid harmful factors to their life. Requirements in quality, size and chemicals need to be examined carefully before putting into use.

Your final choice should base on the environment like places where workers need to be highly-visible. In that, there will be other safety standards to consider.