Here we respond some of your common drill questions, such as what kind is the best cordless drill driver for certain tasks and which factors you should take into consideration.

If you are planning to buy an electric cordless drill or a corded one, then there are a lot of features to select from. Here, we will answer your concern on what kind of drill is the most suitable for various tasks, and what jobs you could be able to do with different features.

What kind of cordless drill do you need?

Before purchasing any type of drill, if cordless or corded, think of the types of task you are possibly to need to perform.

Drills combination: do you need one?

You will find most of the characteristics of a drill driver, in addition to a hammer drilling function for drilling or driving into hard materials such as metals, concretes. If your DIY (do it yourself) projects expand to the outside of your house and garden, then a drill combination could be a good option.

Drill driver: do you need one?

If you seldom get occupied by DIY task and just have to drill odd holes, you are unlikely to want a really powerful drill combination with action of hammer. A drill driver with rotating move and screwdriver function would be enough for most tasks in your home. In many cordless drill examinations, we challenge each one to resolve from basic jobs to difficult tasks, such as driving into metal and drilling screw into concrete.

Drill combination – which tasks are they suitable for?

Drilling into brick wall: You will not always want to use the hammer function when you are drilling into brick walls, but it could probably help. So if you are attaching a hanging basket, for example, to the exterior of your home, try a rotating model without hammers.

Drilling into paving slabs or concrete material: Hammer and cordless drilling is necessary when you want to drill into extremely hard materials such as concrete and metal. Thus, if you are drilling into paving slabs or a concrete wall, then a hammer mode is important to help drill holes into the surface.

Screw driving and rotating drilling: Drill combination could be able to tackle all the rotating drilling and screw driving tasks that a drill driver could, but they have a tendency to be a little bit heavier.

Drill driver – which tasks are they suitable for?

Rotating drilling function

Drilling hole into door or frame door: It is definitely a simple task for a drill driver to drill a hole into a wooden or frame door for attaching a door number.

Hanging picture and painting: A set of drill driver to rotating drilling function could be good for rapidly drilling a hole to hang a picture or painting on the wall.

Putting or placing towel rail, curtain, and blind: A set of drill driver for drilling in rotating mode is all you will need to drill a small hole in most inside walls, making them perfect for simple DIY tasks like placing a towel-rail.

Screw driving function

Constructing furniture: A set of drill driver to screw driving mode could help accelerate the assembling process for flat pack furniture.

Other screw driving tasks: A drill driver is a perfect choice to an equipment set and mean that you will not have to pay money for a single electrical screwdriver. But they could be heavy, so would not be suitable if you are putting something up where space is confined, such as a bathroom or kitchen.

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