Meat grinder is one of the functional kitchen equipment, however it is not that popular to see meat grinder in every kitchen. For your own references, you would possibly want to buy best meat grinder for the money. If you want to have a meat grinder in your kitchen, take time to glance at this quick guide to have general idea about meat grinder.
Overall, meat grinder is also be called meat minced, which is used for chopping or mixing meat mainly, sometimes vegetables. Meat will go through a tunnel in the top part of the grinder to a horizontal screw conveyor. There are two types of meat grinders based on screw conveyor system: electric meat grinder and hand meat grinder. Then, meat comes out of the machine after being cut in a knife at the end of the screw conveyor.
Not only you use meat grinder to mince meat but can also use it to make breadcrumbs or sausages. The machine has become more popular among kitchen appliances since modern version is smaller and cheaper. Besides home meat grinder, there are bigger grinders used in food factory and industry as well.

1/ Meat Grinder Functions

The first function of meat grinder is time saving. It will take you hours to chop the meat by knife with your hand until the meat becomes minced. However, with meat grinder, especially electric meat grinder, you only need a couples of minutes to finish the process. At some point, meat grinder is highly effective.
Meat grinder also offers you higher possibilities of better flavor and better texture. It is so hard and time wasting to get the meat totally minced by hands. With meat grinder, it is sure that your meat will be as minced as you want. You can reenter the meat two or three times to get better texture. Using meat grinder also rehydrates and moisturizes the meat also because the whole process takes less time and your meat is not affected much by oxygen in the atmosphere. As result, your meat will have better taste and fresher comparing to traditional method of mincing the meat.

2/ Meat Grinder Types

As explained earlier, there are two main types of meat grinder including electric and manual meat grinder. Apart from these two, there are other meat grinders as well such as stand mixer or standalone grinders. Perhaps, you will chose the type which fulfills your needs and budget.
Manual meat grinder is the cheapest option, starting from 30 dollars. However, this type of mixer has some drawbacks. As you need to operate the machine using your hands, you are not able to mince large quantity of meat. It is a hard work if you want to grind higher proportion to prepare for a party where there are more people than normal. In addition, the result is affected by your energy, so it is not highly effective to work with manual meat grinder.
Electric meat grinder may sound better to you. By using electricity, you can get rid of manual labor. It is also time saving to use electric meat grinder, you can do other kitchen work while still having your meat minced by the machine. With electric meat grinder, you are also able to grind large amount of meat in a long time for hours and hours. Nevertheless, price for a 350 Watts electronic grinder is around 100 dollars.

3/ Useful Tips

  • The first tip is to grind cool meat. Study has shown that better result of texture comes out from cool meat rather than warm meat. When the meat is in processing, it is mixed together so the warmer your meat is the higher possibility of damaging fat level inside the meat. Sausage requires several minces, which you probably should keep your meat cool to produce better final product.
  • Keep your meat grinder clean. You should clean your machine after using to make sure that there is no leftover of old meat in there. The machine should be exactly cleaned before the next using. Meat leftover in the machine may bring bad smells as well as affect the quality of the next minced meat in process.
  • Protect your blade as this is the most important part in a meat grinder. There is no point in using the machine if the blade is not sharp enough to grind meat. In theory, the blade will become sharper by increasingly time of using.