Have you ever been in a situation when your favourite work boots are damaged while you are wearing them and they are brand new? You may think of how to repair work boots because it took you such a long time to find a favourite pair of boots. Below are some of our tips to help your shoes last longer:

For casual boots, you should wash and polish them once or twice a week. If they are not being used usually then you also should polish them before starting to wear. For boots used in special occasions, they should be polished carefully and put objects into the boots to avoid its shape from changing, and then you should put them in plastic bag to preserve.

To polish effectively, before polishing you should wash away all the dust and dirt on the boots carefully with brush or soft towel. There are two types of shoes polish: one is liquid and one is gel. The former is much more convenient and dry more quickly compared to the latter which can be used in longer period of time.

If you use gel shoes polish then you should use a soft towel to spread the gel on the surface of shoes and let them dry. And if you use liquid polish you just have to rub the liquid onto the shoes and also let them dry. Please also note that you should undo the lace before polishing


Preserve boots

Before preserving boots you should rub a thin layer of fat or oil to prevent leather from drying and crumbling. Also, some pieces of paper into the shoes are necessary as they help the shoes maintain their shape. And now you can put them into a box and preserve.

In some places that have high level of moisture, we can preserve shoes in plastic bag. Using tissues with a little amount of warm water to wash, dry and polish the shoes and put them in plastic bag for preservation. And also note that air should be taken out to avoid getting mouldy.

Fix in time

Shoes can be costly, therefore, you should find out how to make them last longer. Moreover, when they are your favourite pair of shoes, you will want to maximize their lifespan. Here are some simple tips to preserve them better and more efficiently.

Don’t delay fixing the damage

If you want your shoes to last longer, pay attention to some signs of damage such as worn heels, worn soles or loose lock.

Repairing immediately can be cheaper than buying new ones. If you delay repairing for too long, the shoes may damage itself and now it will be impossible to fix or do anything to them. For these reasons, pay attention to them and repair immediately.


Choosing shoes

You should buy high quality shoes. People sometimes say that you get what you paid for. Therefore, instead of buying many cheap pairs of shoes, you should invest on a few pairs which are in much higher quality to make sure they are not in damage in a short period of time.

When choosing, if you are in the middle of two sizes, you can buy a pair of layer to line your shoes, which will prevent any feet hurt. Or if you feel the shoes are a little bit tight then you can walk some steps to see if your feet are actually be comfortable in them.

How to wear shoes correctly

You may think that at your age you don’t have to be taught about how to wear shoes and take them off correctly. However please think of it for a little bit.

Have you ever wear or take your shoes off without undoing the lace? This will shorten the lifespan of your shoes much more significantly. That’s why you should do every step properly to make sure your shoes are always in shape and durable.